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Government of Bengal. Final Report on the Survey and Settlement Operations in the District of Birbhum. 1924-1932




The free and open country the open air habits of the people the nature of the soil and not improbably also the intense heat during summer contribute to the comprative immunity of the people from dieases of this class. [...] The other rivers of the district are the Mar the Kopai the Sal the Hingla and the Dwarka. [...] With an improvement in the conditions of the roads in the Rampurhat subdivsion and the greater facilities thus opened up for motor vehicles it is possible to link up every part of the district with the town of Suri the mean railway stations and the headquarter of the neighbouring districts of Murshdabad Burdwan Sonthal Parganas and Bankura. [...] In the interior except in the district heaquarter of Suri in the subdivisional headquarter of Rampurhat and in the chowkis of Dubrajpur and Bolpur daily marketing of the ordinary needs of the people is rare. [...] In one of the portions left of the record of Megasthenes the Greek abassador in the Court of Chandra Gupta Maurya the independent kingdom of "Gqngrirh" is referred to and is decribed as bounded on the east by the Ganges (2).


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