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Dante Papers. Viraf Adamnan and Dante and Other Papers




Merwanji Muncherji Cama the elder of the two who had been for 10 years a Trustee of the Funds and Properties of the Parsee Punchayet I have come into more personal contact as the Secretary of the Institution. [...] 39 II A Few Points of striking resemblance between the Iranian and the Italian visions 39 (a) A few Points of resemblance as regards the influence of the times and as regards the general plan of the visions... [...] 66 3 The sources of the Legends of the Vision of the other world in the Divine Comedy of Dante. [...] The learned author gives therein a lucid and interesting account of the various heads of traditions under which can be grouped the " several widely divergent lines " along which"3 the legend of the vision of the next world which forms the ground plan of the vision of Adammtin may be traced. [...] The souls of the righteous recite the words which mean Hapiness to him through whom happiness reaches others." On the dawn of the third night the soul of a righteous man goes over to the other world.




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