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Government of Bengal. Local Self-Government Department. District Board Manual. (Corrected up to the 30th November 1951)




3 Bylaws to preserve the purity of the water of a private tank to the excavation or maitenance of which the district boards has contributed with the consent of the private Owner. [...] hey consisted of the District Magistrate and other officers of the district if and of a certain number of payers of road cess appointed on the nomnation of the local authorities. [...] At the instance of Lord Mayo a freab le le was drawn up by Sir Ashley Eden the then Lieutenant-Governor the threefold object of relieving the Provincial authorities of some axon of the ever--growing details of the work of administration of sconciling the public to the burden of local taxation and of conferring on the ptliple or their representatives greater powers of control over expenditure [...] As portions of the di trict of Nadia Malda Dinajpur and Jalpaiguri of the undivided P! )1;ince of Bengal fell in Pakistan on account of the partition the District ards of these districts had to be constituted afresh by legislation the 1) uajpur district board being renamed as the West Dinajpur district board. [...] As in the case of other local bodies in the State nominations to d.-trict boards were abolished in 1948 by West Bengal Act IX of 1947 and o previous system of making the oath of allegiance to the Crown by members of the district and local boards was replaced by an oath of egiance to the Constitution of India.


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