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The National Movement in India 1918 Being a Record of the Political and Quasi-Political Activities of Public Bodies Associations Etc. in India During the Year 1918




[For the genesis of the Indian Constitutional Reforms and the discussion of related matters in Parliament see Part II of the Register—India in Parliament and Abroad) After the Calcutta Congress of r9 17 and the strong vein of etremism which it left as a legacy to the country there was nothing so important as the constitutional Reforms round which the warp and woof of political thought in India [...] Representatives of the Burmese Community in general and of the Burma Merchants' Association and the Co-operative Societies in particular. [...] At the Annual general meeting of the Bengal Chamber Sir fi ugh Bray the president expressed himself on the Reforms in the following words :- Next let me refer to the visit of the Secretary of State which we may consider the most noticeable event of the past twelve months apart from those that have to do with the war. [...] Ours is a difficult and invidious position and the part we have to play makes it difficult for us to avoid the appearence of hostility in the eyes of those who look only to the end and see nothing of or ignore the difficulties of the road thereto but I hope and believe the more moderate leaders of Indian thought do not misunderstand us and do realise that this is essentially a field for co-opera [...] But grievances are easily sprea4 and the discontent of the few may of not taken in hand BZ some day the discontent of the many.



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