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Government of Bengal. Local Self-Government Department. Union Board Manual. Corrected up to 1936




The term of office of a member of a union board shall be 3[four years] from the date on which the district magistrate shall declare the board to be duly consttuted but shall include any period which may elapse between the expiration of the said 3[four years] and the date of the first meeting at which a quorum is present of the newly elected and appointed members after the next general electi [...] The term of office of a president or vice-president of a union board shall be the residue of his term of office as a member of the union board. [...] 9 of 1919.] (Part I.—Chapter I I.—Union boards.—Sections 17-17A.) (ii) if he refuses to act or becomes incapable of acting or is declared insolvent ; or (iii) if he is guilty of misconduct or persistent negligence in the discharge of his duties as president of the union board or of any disgraceful conduct and two-thirds of the total number of the members of the union board at a meeting recommen [...] (1) The number of dafadars and chaukidars to be employed in a union the salary to be paid to them and the nature and cost of their equipment shall be determined from time to time by the district magistrate after consideration of the views of the union board. [...] (1) Every chaukidar shall exercise the following powers and perform the following duties :— (i) he shall give immediate information to the officer in charge of the police-station within the limits of which the union is situated and to the president of the union board of every unnatural suspicious or sudden death which may occur and of any offence specified in schedule II which may be committed


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