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Land Laws of Bengal. (Being a collection of Bengal Regulations India Council Acts and Bengal Council Acts (as modified up-to-date) relating to the law of tenure land revenue and the law of landlord and tenant applicable to the Presidency of Bengal




In bringing out the fourth edition of The Land laws of Bengal the publishers take the opportunity of expressing their appreciation of the reception that this compilation has received from the Bench the members of the legal professioand the judicial and revenue officers. [...] It was the intention of the publishers to compile in one handy volume the various Regultions and the vast number of the Government of India and the Bengal Council Acts that govern the law relating to Land Revenue Land Tenure and the law of Landlord and Tenant in Bengal and the adjoining permanently settled treas.' The laws and regulations irelating to the Land Laws were passed and amended dur [...] is hereby enacted 1 hat such parts of the Repeal of Regulations of the Bengal Code as establish tribunals enactments and prescribe rules of procedure for investigations regarding the liability to assessment of lands oained from the sea or front rivers by alluvion or deerelition or regarding the right of Government to the ownership thereof shall from the date of the passing of this Act cease [...] The great extvnt of country under each of the Boards of Revenue has similarly operated to impede them in the execution of the duties which belong to them as 'tribunals for the determination ofall quetions relative to the assessment of lands under setlement and for the judicial decision of mlny other important cases as the general guardians of the24 the source file is missing25 the source fi [...] appeated to be expedient and necessary to place the magistracy and police and the Collectors and other executive Revenue-officers und4 the superintenence and control of Commissioners of Revenue and Circuit each vested with the charge of such a moderate tract' of country as may enable them to be easy of access to the people and frequently to visit the different parts of their respective juris



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