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The Case-Noted Opium and Excise Acts of All-India and Burma




The Opium Act being an All-India and Burma Act is given at the onset and the Excise Acts are given in the following order ; The Madras Act The Bombay Act The Bengal Act The Punjab Act the U. P. Act and the Burma Act. [...] time by notification in the local Gazette make rules' consistent with this Act to permit absolutely or subject to the payment of duty or to any other contions and to regulate within the whole or any specified part of the territories administered by such Government all or any of the following matters :— (a) the cultivation of the poppy ; (h) the manufacture of opium ; (c) the possession of [...] Held that the quantity of opium which may be in the possession of any person is determined by the rules issued by Government under the powers conferred by S. 5 of the Act and Rule 18 covers the case of a retail vendor of opium. [...] On appeal by Government held that as the opium was found in the possession of A it was for the prosecution to prove affirmatively and clearly that the possession of A was merely that of a servant acting under the authority of his master N. The prosecution should further prove that the servant was in possession on his master's behalf and with his master's authority ; the mere fact that A and N we [...] 32 C. 557 that in such a case the consignee knowing that the parcel had been sent to him and that it contained opium the possession of the Railway Receipt constituted possession of the opium within the meaning of S. 9 of the Act.



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