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Revenue Agentship Guide




5. What rights were conferred upon the zarnindars by the the P. S. ? Am :—(1) kamintlars who were before the passing of the Pr S. mere collectors of land revenue were made the actual proprietors of the soil subject; to the payment of a fixed amount of revenue to the Government. [...] (3) The excess if any shall be deposited in the treasury of the Collector or Assistant Collector of the district to answer the claims of the talukdart of the 2nd degree or of other persons who due to any assignment of the defaulter may have any valuable interest in the taluk sold. [...] (2) The attachment shall be made as trust for the benefit and at the risk of the purchasers ; of the collections made the rent of the taluk and the establishment costs shall be deducted and the surplus shall be held in depcklit for the purchaser ; but if the collections for the time fall short of the rent the tank and person of the propritor shall be liable in the same manner as if no attach [...] What is the remedy of the transferee26 ] of a Patni in case of the zamindar's refusal to give effect to the transfer ? ANS :—If the zamindar refuses to accept the security tendered the tendering party may move the Civil Court of the district which authority if satisfied of the suffciency of the security tendered shall issue an injunction on the zamindar to accept it and give effect to the t [...] The separate liabilities of the share of the applicant commences from the date on which the Collector records the sanction to the opening of a separate account.



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