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Revenue Agentship Guide




As it has been found impractiable to have translations made and printed in the vernacular with the necessary secrecy the Collector assisted by the members of the Committee will translate the questions to the candidates who elect to be examined in the vernacular of the district. [...] When can the Collector make a partition of a mahal under Regulation VII of 1822 ? Ans—If any one of the proprietors of a joint prperty makes an application to the Collector on the occasion of his making or revising the Settlement of any mahal to have a partition of the mahal it shall be competent to the Collector with the sanction of the Board to make a partition of the mahal according to [...] (2) But if the proprietor of the original estate objects to such an arrangement a separate jama shall be assessed upon the new land and such land shall in all respects be treated as a separate estate independent of the original estate whether the settlement is made with the proprietor of the original estate or the land is let in farm in consequence of the refusal of the proprietor to accept th [...] Is the proprietor of the estate entitled to get a reduction of the jama on this account ? Ans.—When it is proved to the satisfaction of the Revenue-authorities that any land has been washed away from an estate paying revenue to the Government they shall make a deduction from the sadar /atria of the estate which shall bear the same proportion to the whole of the sadar jama of the eillate as the as [...] After this the Collector shall cause notices to be served on the zemindar of every such estate specifying the amount finally apportioned to his estate and requiring.him to pay the amount to the Collector with the costs of the notices within one month of the issue of the.notice.



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