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Bulletins of Indian Industries and Labour The Twenty-First and Twenty-Second Maritime Sessions of the International Labour Conference (October 1936) March 1937




the Revision of the Minimum Age (Sea) Convention since the Governing Body had decided to place this on the agenda only on June 22nd and Article 15 of the constitution requires the Director to transmit the agenda of the Conference so as to reach States Members four months before the meeting of the Conference. [...] The main discussion turned however round the articles dealing with the durtion of benefit and of payment of wages and here he was not able to convince the.Committee either of the desirability of a provision terminating sick benefit on return of the sick seaman to a proper return port or of restricting the payment of wages to the period of the engagement. [...] The formal business transacted by the Twenty-first Session of the Conference included the adoption without discussion of a brief report submitted by the Director on the maritime activities of the International Labour Office and the adoption without discussion of reports by the Governing Body on the working of the following Conventions :- No. [...] The proposals before the Conference for revision of the Convention were :- (a.) The raising of the minimum age from 14 to 15 years and the corresponding revision of the exceptions provided for by the Convention ; and (b) The substitution for the original formal Articles of other Articles in the standard form which now obtained. [...] 1. In respect of the territories referred to in Article 35 of the Constittion of the International Labour Organisation each Member of the Organisation which ratifies this Convention shall append to its ratification a declaration stating : (a) the territories in respect of which it undertakes to apply the provisions of the Convention without modification ; (b) the territories in respect of whic


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