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Bulletins of Indian Industries & Labour The International Labour Organisation February 1921




At the opening sittings the various Delegations agreed on the need for such declarations which the Commission suggestsl4hould be included in the Treaty of Peace in order that it may mark not only the close of the period which culminated in the world-war but also the beginning of a better social order and the birth of a new civilisation. [...] A copy of the recommendation or draft convention shall be authenticated by the signature of the President of the Conference and of the Director and shall be deposited with the SecretarGeneral of the League of Nations. [...] Each of the Members undertakes that it mill within the period of one year at most from the closing of the session of the Conferench or if it is impossible owing to exceptional circumstance to do so within the period of one year then at the earliest practicable moment and in no case later than eighteen months from the closing of the session of the Conference bring the recommendation or draft con [...] In the case of a draft convention the Member will if it obtains the consent of the authority or authorities within whose competence the matter lies communicate the formal ratification of the convetion to the Secretary-General and will take such action as may be necessary to make effective the provisions of such convention. [...] If any convention coming before the Conference for final coVideration.fails to secure the support of two-thirds of the votes cast by the Delegates present it shall nevertheless be within the right of any of the Members of the Permanent Organisation to agree to such convention among themselves.1921.] The International Labour Organisation.


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