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Bulletins of Indian Industries & Labour Proceedings of the Third Conference of Labour Ministers (Held at New Delhi on the 30th and 31st January 1942)




PROCEEDINGS OF THE THIRD CONFERENCE OF LABOUR MINISTERS (Held at New Delhi on the 30th and 3181 January 1942) Published by order of the Government of India PRINTED BY THE MANAGER Go MENT OF INDIA PELESS NEW DELHI. [...] If resentment on the part of industrialists in either of these two areas is to be avoided if undesirable competition is to be prevented if the setting up of industries in areas unsuited for the development of such industries is to be discouraged if the imposition of internal tariffs and other financial burdens imposed on each other are to be. [...] escaped if the cost of production in the States and in British India is to be equalized if the standard of wages is to be similar then we must see to it that British Indian Provinces and the Indian States go forward hand in hand in a spirit of mutual goodwill in order to achieve common prosperity. [...] This is the general position; a regards particular industries differences in remuneration have bee) accentuated by the emergence of shortages of specialised kinds of labou the supply of which cannot easily be increased in the short run. [...] 7. An argument likely to be used by employers against increases ii wage rates is that though the capacity of the industry to pay in way tim may not be disputed the post-war position has to be considered as althougl wages tend to rise when cost of living rises and the opportunities of in dustrial employment increase they do not suffer the fall which shoul( follow a drop in the cost of living or


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