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Hand Book of Commercial Information for India




The only new features which have been intrduced are the addition of a bibliography the indication in the map of India of the names of some of the ports which have lately come into prominence and a somewhat greater elaboration of the details in certain chapters of the Handbook. [...] way administrations for which the Goverment of India has to provide funds had to subMit an annual programme to the 1:ailway Board which prepared a general programme of capital expenditure for the ensuing year for the sanction of the Secretary of State and the Government of India and made budget provision for the needs of each railway according to the programme finall santioned. [...] In the year 1924 the Railway Finances were separated from the General Finances of the Government of India and in I ON the powers of the Governor General in Council were greatly ithaneed by the Secretary of State for India in Council in railway matters the MOSt important of these enhanced powcrs being the power to sanction capital expenditure on New and Open Lines. [...] functions include the construction of new lines by State agency the approval of rates for passengers and goods the settlement of train services and through traffic arrangements the control and promotion it the staffs of State railways and general supervision of the expendture and' working of lines in which the Government of India is principally interested. [...] It shall be the duty of the Ra;lway Tribunal tag iii;11e orders varying or discharging a diection or ordr of the Tiailwa:: Federal Authority orders for the payt tient of compensation or damages and of costs and orders for the production of documents and the attendance of witnesses as the circumstances of the ease may r 110re.


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