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Indian Tariff Board. Written and Oral Evidence recorded during enquiry on the Grant of Protection to the Paper and Paper Pulp Industries




496 dated the 10th August 1981 asking for information regarding the capacity m terms of raw bamboo of the crusher used by the copany. 103 (II 2) Letter dated the 13th August 1931 in reply to the above letter. 103 (13) Letter dated the 13th August 1931 submitting particulars of average works cost and average net selling price. 103 Evidence tendered on the 1 [...] 387 dated the 1st July 1931 forwarding supplementary questionnaire. 297 (6) Letter dated the 21st July 1931 submitting replies to suplementary questionnaire.298 (7) Letter dated the 23rd July 1931.regarding the mechanical contents in paper. 306 (8) Letter dated the 5th August 1931 regarding effect of the proposals on the vernacular Press. 306 (9) Letter dated [...] (1) Representation dated the 1st May 1981 465 (2) Letter dated the 20th June 1931 forwarding replies to the questionnaire 466 (8) Letter dated the 10th July 1931 forwarding further statments in continuation of the previous letter. 486 (4) Letter dated the 18th July 1931 forwarding statement showing paper manufactured by the Company during the years 1924 to 1930. [...] (1) Representation dated the 9th May 1931. 589 (2) Letter dated the 30th June 1931 forwarding replies to the questionnaire. 691 (3) Letter dated the 23rd July 1981 regarding available suplies of bamboo. 610 (4) Letter dated the 31st July 1931 submitting cost.state-. [...] The Government of India have referred to the Tariff Board the question of the continuance of the protective duties imposed under the Bamboo Paper Industry (Protection) Act 1925 and of how far the Act has achieved its purpose.


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