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Bharata-Shakti (Collection of Addresses on Indian Culture)


As the Maftreyi Upanishad says Prftna is Annamaya : and as the Mahttnerayaana Upanishad says "By food Prima and by Prana strength." The ultimate basis of all Indian distress to-day is want of food want of means to"POSTSCRIPT xv Lord Tenterden in the House of Lords recently moved the question of the state of cattle and their slaughter. [...] One of the things I most regret is the neglect of Ayurvedic teaching the loss of valuable remedies and of the great experience and knowledge of the pulse of the best old time Kaviraj. [...] 3. The main purpose of the Conference will be to devise ways and means for the improvement of agriculture; for the protetion and improvement of cattle specially of cows and for the production of pure ghee. [...] The mention of the word Cow " together with the preponderance of Hindus in this Coference has been the cause of suspicion in the minds of some. [...] At the back of the food problem is the essential poverty of India and at the back of that causes into which I cannot here enter even though at the risk of that superficiality and that platering and patching which marks the work of those who do not think or if they do cannot for various reasons probe to the ultimate root.
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Food is Power—Agriculture
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Imitation and Independence
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The Religion of Power
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English Education Patriotism Free Thinking
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Indian Manners
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University Education
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Indian Islamic Culture
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The Calcutta Anglo-Gujarati School
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The Education of Women
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Vedanta and Tantra Shastra
96-106 John Woodroffe view
Matter and Consciousness
107-125 John Woodroffe view
The Seed of Race
126-132 John Woodroffe view
Is India Civilized
133-144 John Woodroffe view

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