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The Heroes of the Indian Rebellion




5 THE HEROES OF THE INDIAN REBELLION CAPTAIN HODSON Till.: CAPTOR OF THE KING OF DELHI Tim life of Captain HODSON one of the heroes of Delhi has been written by his brother and we gather from it the sujoined sketch of hip career: The career of the Indian Captain of Irregulars may fairly challenge comparison 'with that of Fernando Perez or any other hero of romance and we may well apply [...] He was attached to Wheeler's brigade during the greater part of the struggle but joined the army of the Punjaub in time for the battle of Gujerat which finished the war and at which he and Lumsden his commander and Lake of the Engineers are mentioned in Lord Gough's dispatch as most active in conveying orders throughout the action. [...] He is never so well pleased as when he has the baby in his arms." Yes the baby—for now comes in a little episode of home and family a gentle and bright gem in the rough setting of the soldier's life ; and the imolai' and loving father and husband stands before us as vividly as the daring border-leader. [...] It will be the first step up the baler again after tumbling to the bottom." Tice colonel gets him to take the office of quartermaster however not the adjutancy the former office " having fallen into great disorder ;" and in January 1857 the honest old offi r of his own accord writes a letter to the Adjutant-Geeral requesting him to submit to the Commander-in-Chief " his public record an [...] The tale of the early morning summons the rumors of enemies on the road the suspense as to the Chief's whereabouts the leaving all Ilsourt behind their flattering and cordial reception by Sir C. lin—who gets them "chops and ale in a quiet friendly way "—the fifty-four miles' ride home the midnight alarm and escape and the safe run in take away our breath.



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