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Calendar of the Agricultural College Poona 1917-1918




The standard of admision to the course was raised from the Matriculation to the Previous" Examination and in consideration of this fact the Government agreed to give the same privileges to men who had obtained the agricultural diploma as to graduates of the University. [...] The increase in the size of the agricultural classes caused such a congestion at the College of Science that during the year 1905 it was decided by Government to establish a separate Agricultural College. [...] Coincidently with the complete separation of the Agricultural College from the College of Science the Bombay University made A 6-318 a further change in the course for the degree. [...] The dates of the session were also altered and it now runs from June to mid-February so that attendance at the College now covers the most important agrcultural months of the year in the Bombay Presidency. [...] On account of the hostel (with its out-houses) and the main block of the College being given up for use as a war hospital the indoor work in 1917-18 will be carried on in the chemical - block and two lecture rooms of the main block and special arrangements will be made for the accomnicIdation of students outside the College estate.



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