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Report on Public Instruction in the Bombay Province for 1947-48 to 1948-49




This increase in the number of institutions and pupils was partly due to the implementation of the schemes of edcational expansion and partly to the merger of states in the Province. [...] As the administrative control of all Technical Institutions was transferred to the Joint Director the statistics about the personnel shown at the beginning of this Chapter arc exclusive of the staff under the control of that officer. [...] As a result of the recommendations of the Physical Education Committee the status of the post of Principal of the Training Institute for Physical Education Kandivali was also raised during the year 1948-49 and the post was included in the Bombay Educational Service Class I. Similarly the posts of Senior and Junior Assistants in the Institute have been upgraded the former posts being designat [...] Another important feature of the Act is the provision made in the case of every School Board for the staff to be selected by the Staff Selection Committees consisting of the Divisional Educational Inspector (or any other officer designated by the Director) the Chairman of the School Board and the Administrative Officer ; and for an Appellate Tribunal consisting of the Chairman of the School Board [...] Primary schools in the Indian states which were added to this Province were placed under the control of the Administrative Officers of the Districts in which the state territories were included or under the control of the Deputy Educational Inspectors in the new districts which were constituted as a result of the intgration where there were no district school boards.


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