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Government of India Ministry of Finance Budget of the Governor-General (As finally adopted) for 1949-50




CONTENTS PAGES I.-GENERAL STATEMENT of the REVENTYE and EXPENDITURE met from REVENUE of 82-83 the CENTRAL GovEuvrtLENT. IL-GENERAL STATEMENT of the CAPITAL RECEIPTS and DISBURSEMENTS of the CE84-85 TEAL GOVERNMENT. 111.—GENERAL STATEMENT of the RECEIPTS and DISBURSEMENTS of the CENTRAL 86.87 GOVERNMENT. A.—STATEMENT of the REVENUE of the CENTRAL GOVERNMENT S8-40 Be-STATEMENT Village Collective Sav [...]. Deposit account of refundable Central Income-tax Surcharge. Deposit account of interest on Excess Profits Tax Deposits. Deferred pay of Indian Troops. Post War Reconstruction Fund Other Accounts. Value of Onrupee Notes issued. Purchase and Sales of Silver (net) Sale of lease lend Silver (net). Cash Balance Investment Account (net) Profit from circulation of nickel [...] The reduction in the Bank's profits next year is due to the transfer to the Pakistan Government of its share of the assets of the Bank following the separation of the currency of the two countries with effect rom the.1st July 1948 The budget next year also allows for the payment of Pakistan's share of the profits of the Bank for the period 15th August 1947 to 30th June 1948."EXPLANATORY MEMORANDUM


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