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Agricultural Research Institute Pusa Notes on Practical Salt Land Reclamation




It is hardly possible to say more than that the occurrence of saline area in every gradation from isolated patches to continuous barren tract many miles in extent is one of the most familiar features in Sind ; and the gravity of the evil is to be measured not only by the diminution in the cultivated area and the injury to crops occasioned in localities where attempts are being made to control i [...] These lakes communicate with the sea and the bordering land gets flooded with sea water especially during northerly winds."8 IRACTICAL SALT LAND RECLAMATION Lake Aboukir one of the smallest of these lakes has been reclaimed and as most of the reclamation work in Egypt is similar in character a study of the history and methods of the work is of interest. [...] The Board of Agriculture in 1917 recommended combined action for the different provinces affected by means of a central research station and this would be the best solution of the matter which is of the greatest importance from every point of view. [...] A complete list of the publications of the Imperial Department of Agriculture in India can be obtained on application from the Agricultural Adviser to the Government of India Pusa Bihar or from any of the above-mentioned agents. [...] The following are the publications of the last two years :- Scientific Reports of the Agricultural Research Institute and College Puss (including the Report of the Imperial Cotton Specialist) for the year 1917-1B.


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