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A Chaukidhari Manual




(d) To exercise a general control over the daffadar and the chaukidars in the union with the object of ensuring the regular performance of the duties of watch and 1 Either the District Magistrate or the Babdivieloaal Ofilcer as the ease may be. [...] No member of the panchayat shall personally record any details of the information given other than of the informant and the date of the information. [...] (c) On the date fixed for the payment of chaukidars at the thana to cause the amount of their pay to be paid to the chaukidars in the presence of the officer supervising the parade. [...] Under section 46A' of the Act the District Magistrate may appoint a tahsildar to assist the person collecting the rate on the application of the panchayat or of his own motion if in his opiuien the collection of the tax is badly carried out. [...] The proceedings of all tahsiltlars shall be carefully scrutnised by the Magistrate in charge of the department with especial reference to the proportion of the arrear collected and to the credit of penalties realised.


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