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The Sacred Book of the Hindus Translated by various Sanskrit Scholars the Siva Samhita




The brain is said to be composed of Chandrakeet or covolutions resembling half-moons." In a paper on the Anatomy of the Tantras originally pulished in the " Theosophist " for March 1888 Major Basu has tried to unravel the mystery of the Yogis and TAntrists regarding the nerves and nerve-centres and identify the Neidis Chakras and Padmas. [...] II verse (6) is the underpart of the brain ; that " Susumna " is the spinal cord ; "Ida " and "Pingala " are the left and right sympathetic cords respetively." We shall try now to identify some of the nervous structures described in the Tantras :— " Chitra."—From the description of this Nadi in the Tantras ( Shiva Sarnhita Ch. [...] Even in these days when it is no exaggeration to say that the Hindus have quite forgotten the scientific truths discovered by their ancestors they point to the hollow space in the crown of the head (known as the anterior fontanalle) of the new-born child as the Brahmarandhra. [...] the tongue organ eyes feet toes ears the abdomen the armpit fingers of the hands the scrotum and the anus. [...] In the abdomen there burns the fire—digestor of food—situaed in the middle of the sphere of the sun having twelve Kalas.


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