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He—taking the phrase as synonymous with the unit of what are called the teeming millions of India--- is so extraordinarily dissimilar to all we know of ourselves from the sole of his foot to the crown of his head from the first thought of his mind till the last that it is difficult indeed to pre-suppose a common origin. [...] the quiet of 318 INDIA the fields the vice of (the towns the unalterable obstinacy and patience of the people even the spurious civilisation of such centres as Calcutta and Bombay ; but without this atmosphere we do not see the true India. [...] The glow of a dying day behind a slight mound of shadow—that is all which remains of the palaces and fortresses of the 1920 INDIA old Serpent race which ' ages before the Aryans set foot in India had wrested a part of the land at any rate from the original owners the Kols and the Bhils and other aboriginal tribes. [...] But the greatest stories of all are those connected with the three sacks of Chitore those terrible clays which make the oath by the sin of the sack of Chitore " unalterable to a Rajput The first of these was brought about by the fame of Princess Padmani whose name still survives in common parlance as the synonym for fair and virtuous womanhood. [...] The memory of many a ripe melon "46 INDIA luscious pear fat pheasant returns to him and the sweet scent of the violets the sound of the running water the sight of the distant snows in sunset all combine to fill his soul with content at the beauty he has seen.



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