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A Descriptive Catalogue of the Sanskrit Manuscripts in the Government Oriental Manuscripts Library Madras Volume XXVII Supplemental




Twenty-six volumes of A Descriptive Catalogue of the Sanskrit Manuscripts have already been published and this forms the 27th volume This is prepared on thesame plan as that of the previous volumes and the number of manuscripts and the pages of this volume are in continuation of the previous volume. [...] 430 91ATT4R:119.‘ I The question—whether the authors of the Padamatjari and the Ápastambadharmasiitravyakhyd : Ujjvald who also bear the same name of Haradatta are identical with the author of the present work or are different persons—has to be dealt with separately. [...] Some scholars confound the author of the Sarvadarknasafigraha with the famous Madhava who was the son of Mayana and author of the Dhätuvrtti. [...] In fact Madhava the author of the Sarvadarganasagraha is different from the author of the Dhätuvrtti who was the son of Mayana. [...] TgIPffKff__ ffITTWaT MITIWt ;MK_ I NUTEzlieft Itql -449WIffth1u5rvit agiTii.' 11 " But this method of dividing Minginzsa into two parts and designating the first 12 chapters as the Piirvanzi'mainsd and the remaining 8 chapters as the Uttaram imanzsd and the attribution of the authorship of the Devateileanda to Vyasa are opposed to the traditions preserved in and propagated by the VigisMdvaita s


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