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Boys’ Own Home Calcutta. Distribution of Prizes 1912




The secret of this marked success is of course as I ventured to point out at the end of the distribution that the Superintendent laid out his soul in the work. [...] What should we not give to get back the simple faith the loving confidence the purity of heart and peace of mind the peculiar possessions of a child ! Let us try to help the little ones of God to preserve these qualities let us love them and serve them for the sake of Him who has made Himself a sanctuary of their hearts and we too may participate in their innocent joy. [...] The work of educating And building up the character of a boy( 3 ) is divided between the parent and the Superintendent of the Home. [...] The inductive method though slower is the better of the two and is pre-eminently adapted to the traiing of 'beginners. [...] To pass the univesity examinations is the end and ideal of life and the sooner the goal is reached the better.



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