The Oxford History of India  from the Earliest Times to the end of 1911
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The Oxford History of India from the Earliest Times to the end of 1911




1. Prehistotie India ; the elements of the population. 1 2. Literature and Civilization of Ale Vedic and Epic Periods ; the Purdnas ; caste. 16 3. The pre-Maurya states ; the rise of Jainism and Buddhism ; the invasion of Alexander the Great ; India in the fourth century B. c.. 43 BOOK II. [...] THE MEDIAEVAL HINDU KINGDOMS FROM THE DEATH OF HARSHA IN A. D. 647 TO THE MHAMMADAN CONQUEST 1. The transitional period ; Rajpfits ; the Himalayan kingdoms and their relations with Tibet and China. 172CONTENTS 2. The northern and western kingdoms of the plains 3. THE KINGDOMS OF THE PENINSULA Section 1. The Deccan Proper and Mysore. Section 2. The Tamil Powers of the Far South. PAGE [...] THE AIUHAMMADAN'POWERS OF VORTHERN INDIA 1. The Rise of the Muhammadan Power in India and the Sultanate of Delhi A. D. 1175-1290. 217 2. The Sultanate of Delhi continued ; A. D. 1290 to 1340 ; the Khilji and Tughlak dynasties 239 3. The Decline and Fall of the Sultanate of Delhi A. D. 1340-e1526 the Tughlak dynasty concluded ; Timex ; the Sayyids ; the Lodi dynasty ; Islam in Indian [...] The northern plains the Aryavarta of the old books and the Hindostan of more recent times always have been the seat of the principal empires and the scene of the events most interesting to the outer world. [...] The story of the gathering of the nations to the battle of Kurukshetra as told in the Mahfibharata implies the belief that all the Indian peoples including those of the extreme south were united by real bonds and concerned in x INTRODUCTION interests common to all.

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