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The Twenty-Fifth Annual Report of the Calcutta Literary Society




The Twenty-fourth Anniversary Meeting of the Calcutta Literary Society was held at the hall of the Calcutta University Institute College-Square on Monday the 22nd January 1900 at 6 P. M. The Meeting was very largely attended—the Members of the Society the eraduates and UndeGraduates of the Metropolis composed the bulk of the audience. [...] ( Vide the Hindu Patriot 18th the Indian 7lireor 19th the A in ;7* ta.2 a ;:- a;- P atri k a 2.0th February 1899 regarding the death of His Higness the late Nawab Sahib of Bahawalpur The best thanks of the Society are due to the Proprietors and Principals of several Colleges and Head Masters of Schools and the Manager of the Classic Theatre for lending the use of their halls to ho [...] Let us first of all determine what in the prsence of the spectacle of the universe is the natural movement of human thought ; when human thought possesses the idea of God : All ! he would exclaim in the transport of animation : The Cretor is first of all He whose glory the heavens declare while the earth makes known the work of His hands. [...] The work of the mathematician ended the author rises by the consideration of the mutual interchange of the light of the stars to the idea of the unity of the creation; then he adds and it is the conclusion of his entire work : "The Master of the heavens governs all things not as being the Soul of the world but as being the Sovereign of the Universe." It is on account of His sovereignty th [...] When the first rays of morning light up the lofty summits of our Himalayas when the Sun at his setting stretches a path of fire along the waters of our lake who does not feel impelled I to render glory to the Supreme Artist ? Such is the presence of Nature the spontaneous -movement of the heart and of the reason.



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