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The English Works of Raja Rammohun Roy




343"TILE following papers were inserted in the Appendix to the Report of 1831 of the Select Committee of the House of Comons on the affairs of the East India Company under the heaing of Copy of communication between Rani Mohun Roy and the Board of Control relative to the Revenue and judicial Systems of India." They are to be found in the aforesaid Appendix to the Report of 1831 the first [...] In the event of difference of opinion between the assessor and the assistant judge on any case it should be appealable to the Zillah judge whose decision should be final ; and as the Sudder Aumeens are now paid from the duties on the stamps used and the fees received on the papers filed so the assistant judges' assessor may be paid in the same manner from the fees and stamps imposed on the appe [...] A necessary concomitant to the introduction of jurymen will be the sole use of the vernacular dialect of the place to the exclusion of the Persian language in proceedings. [...] 5. The duties of judges and magistrates are not so incompatible as those of the judges of circuit and the commissioners of revenue ; but still separation of these duties is advisable on account of the great weight of the 'business in the Zillah and city courts. [...] attending the discharge of the judicial duties and the want of proper discipline or control over the judicial officers are the main causes of obstruction in the dispatch of the judicial business ; and these daily growing evils in every branch of the judicial establishment have in a great.



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