A Brief History of Civilization
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A Brief History of Civilization




by Miss Czaplicka). 29 The skin dwellings of the Mongolians. 31 Mongolian tribes on the move. 32 Sumeria—ruins of the palace at Kish ; about 350o B. c. (Phot. [...] (By the courtesy of Sir Arthur Evans) ro9 Alexander the Great. 113 Alexander's route to the East—the plain of the Oxus showing British troops crossing during the Great War. 113 The walls of Merv one of Alexander's foundations in central Asia. 113 An early use of steam-power by Heron of Alexandria. [...] by Sir Aurel Stein). 141 Map—Rome the Road-Maker. 143 The Walls of Constantinople. 146 Coin of Constantine—standard surmounted by the monogram of Christ 147 The Golden Horn. 148 An engraving of Constantinople in 162o. [...] by Giraudon). 155 Map—The Empire of Charlemagne. 159 The De Cura Pastorali of Pope Gregory the Great. [...] Gillray's cartoon of 1805. 205 Coalition—Punch's cartoon of the Crimean War 208 The Congress of Vienna. 210 Signatures to the Scrap of Paper'. 211 Punch's cartoon on the Greek frontier question 188o. 212 Arbitration.

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