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The Aryanisation of India




One of the most famous advocates pf this hypothesis was Max Muller who in his Lectures on the Science of Language in z861 asserted that there was a time "when the first arkestors of the Indians the Persians the Greek; the Amans the Slays the Celts and the Germans were living"2 THE ARYANISATION OF INDIA together within the same enclosures nay under the same roof and that that place was Cent [...] The philological evidences which seek to establish the relationship between Cmmaralive the Indians the Persians and the MYthologY Europeans are supported to a certain extent by the dbincidences which are observed in the mythol2gies of the Vedas the earliest book of the Indians and those of the Zend Avesta of Persia and also though in a smaller degree in the mythologies of the ancient Europ [...] There is no such break of continuity between the tribes of the Rigveda and the peoples of the later literature as it presupposes Both of the facts mentioned above—the abrupt transtion from the Indo-Aryan to the AryDravidian type and the extension of Aryan influence from Brahmavarta to Brahmarshidesha—are best u*derstood 'if we remember the batural feature which connects the plain of the [...] Again the Sruti literature falls into three clearly sudered groups—(i) the original Vedic hymns DATE OF INDO-ARYAN INVASIO NS 45 the bulk of which are to be found collected in the Rigveda ; (2) the later compilations and classifications of the hymns as in the three other Vedas and the elaborate commentaries on the Vedic hymns to explain the mutual relation of the 'sacred text and the ceremonia [...] The cumulative effect of all the above considerations i§ practically decisive of a date for the beginning of the Brahmana period about the middle of the second millenium B. C. * Max Muller assigns 40o years to the coposition and compilation of the Samhitas under the supposition that during Rivedic peria the early periods of history the growth of the human mind was more luxuriant than in later



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