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General Rules and Circular Orders of the High Court of Judicature at Fort William in Bengal Appeliate Side (Criminal)




siding officer of the Court thinks it necessary to require the surrender of his arms in which case a statement of the reasons for making the order shall be recorded by the presiding officer and if the military authoritiesto request forwarded for the information of His Excellency the Commander-in-Chief. [...] 5 of 8th Apra the Provinces of Bengal and Eastern Bengal and Assam fiedil 191t.1891 odis invited 'to the.following departmental instructions which the Director-General of the Post Office with the approval of the Governm&t of India has issued for the guidance of Postmasters on the subject of the production. [...] 11 (d) the date should be co fixed as to allow reasonable time for the due service and return of the notice promulgating the order and the production of evidence; (e) a copy of the order should be published and affixed at or near the subject of the dispute (f) the forms prescribed in Schedule V to the Code of Criminal Procedure should be used such modifications being made therein as the circumsta [...] The Magistrate and the Local Police shall be responsible for the necessary arrangements to ensure the attendance of the witnesses and the accused at the day of trial. [...] In Order to secure compliance with the provisions of the section quoted Magistrates are hereby directed to sign at the foot of the depositions of medical witnesses a certificate in the form indicated below :- The foregoing deposition was taken in the presence of the * The name of the naccused * who had an opportunity of cused person should be cross-examining the witness.



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