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The North Point Annual 1915




A tidy sum was got together as the proceeds of the entertainment and this we were glad to send to the Superior of the Mission as a small recognition of all we owe to the good Belgian Fathers. [...] Next day was a half-impromptu perfomance given by the boys in aid of the * * * Claude Harris a little boy of the Primary Department who had joined School on the 1st April passed away on the 24th of the month at the Eden Santarium whither he had been removed at the Doctor's suggestion. [...] The body was conveyed to the School Chapel and after the blessing the staff and boys accompanied the precious remains to the School Cemetery. [...] The Band played the Cadets and the Territorials gave the salute there was a flourish of trumpets and the rain came down. [...] The latter who was a days-cholar is in the S. M. D. and most probably is now in France with the 7th Meerut Division." *** In the last number of the Annual we recorded the soldier's death of 2nd Lieutenant Trevor Clancey who was kiled in the retreat from Mons.



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