Epochs of Civilization
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Epochs of Civilization




The patient and persevering explorations and researches of archwologists and philologists are bridging the gulf between the Past and the Present and placing within the easy reach of the student of sociology the varied phenomena of the civilizations of antiquity. [...] Culture at this stage being related to the gratification of the senses and the animal necessities of life or to the expression of the emotions takes the form of the Fine Arts —poetry music sculpture painting and architecture ; and the first stage of civilization may on this account be called the stage of the Fine Arts. [...] The influence of the Semites or mixed Semites prevailed all over the civilized world of the first epoch ( except China ). During the earlier centuries of the second epoch Babylonian was still the language of intercourse among the civilized peoples of the time with the single exception of the Chinese. [...] The third epoch of human progress was initiated by the invasion of the Roman Empire by the Germanic tribes in the fifth and the sixth centuries A. D. the incursion of the Arabs into Africa Syria Persia and India in the seventh and the eighth the subjugation of the savage tribes of Mexico by the Toltecs about the middle of the sixth century and the establishment of the supremacy of the Yncas in [...] Thus alone can we understand the constancy of the martyr the unselfishness of the philanthropist the devotion of the patriot the enthusiasm of the artist and the resolute and persevering search of the scientific worker after nature's secrets.

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