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A History of the Mahrattas




—Orders sent by the Peishwa for the advance of his troops after the war had terminated.—Dispersion of the followers of Dhoondia 1Vaug.-1)hoondia joins the raja of Kolapoor.—Remarks on the conquest of Tippoo's territory --partition—discussions with the Poona court.—New treaty between the English and Nizam Ally. [...] Events at Poona.—Winaek Rao the on of „mitt Rao is played on the musnud by Ifolkar.—'Treaty of Bassein.--Sindia and Rughoojee Bhonslay unite to tibstruct the objects of the treaty.—Advance of the British troops—return of the Peishwa to Poona.—Negotiation with the confederates—preparations for war—war declared—capture of Ahmednugar—battle of AssayBurhanpoor—Asseergurh.—Baroach and Pawungurh ta [...] The Marquis of Hastings assumes charge of the government of British India.—State of India from the increase of predatory power—Patans and Pindharees.—Plan for improving the defesive military positions—failure of the negotiations with Bhopaul and Jeypoor—defensive alliance embraced by Appa Sahib the regent at Nagpoor.—Appa Sahib falls into the views of the Poona court—murders l'ursajee.—Progre [...] —Capture of the principal forts by General Pritzler.—The raja Satara placed on his throne.—Success of General Munro— attack and dispersion of the remaining infantry at Sholapoor.— Reduction of the Concan accomplished by the Bombay goverment—appointment of officers to the civil government of the country—instructions—procedure.—The capture of Mallygaom and Prucheetgurh completes the reduction of [...] Nana Furnuwees the less solicitous the governor-general appeared became the more anxious to obtain the co-operation of the English and he urged it the more in consequence of a new treaty supposed to have been concluded between Tippoo and the French.' At last either in despair of obtaining the aid of the English or in order to quicken their decision he made ovetures to the Portuguese by w



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