The Citizen and the State
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The Citizen and the State




The Chapters on the Human Person on the Living Wage on Trade Unionism on Communism are I think subjects of such vital importance in the life of the citizen and the state that they cannot be excluded from the course witout leaving the student with a false understanding of his relationship to the state and vice versa. [...] A certain amount of positive social work and discussion of current events wouldhelp to enliven the classes and enable the students to ses the reality for themselves judge of its deficiencies and set their minds and hands to the building up of a better world. [...] The Author Preface to the Fifth Revised Edition In view of the developments that have taken place in the economic and political life of the country during the siteen years since Independence I have had to make a few changes to bring the matter up to date. [...] Writes Jawaharlal : The king on receiving the royal authority from the people's hands at the time of the coronation had to take an oath of service of the people. [...] In the meantime the owner of the bull who had seen the incident rushed to the spot.

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