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Sir Pherozeshah Mehta. A Political Biography




Dhunjibhoy Cama one of the partners of the elder Mehta and honoured with the name of Ayrton who was the family solicitor of the Cama's and who took a great interest iji the education of boys. [...] He took a keen interest in the problems of the day particularly as they affected his country and was one of the most active members of the East India Association which was founded by Dadabhai in October 1866 for the independent and disinterested advocacy and promotion by alllegitimgte means of the interest and welfare of India generally." The Association owed its existence to the support of [...] Through the good offices of the atter the young barrister was on his return made a Justice of the Peace and thus given an early opportunity of acquainting himself with the municipal affairs of the city which were then vested in the hands of the Bench of Justices. [...] The history of education in Western India contains the name of many distinguished men but none greater than that of the gifted translator of the Ethics of Aristotle who in the early Sixtie< moulded the lives and thoughts of a generation eager to learn and to spread the light of education far and wide in the land. [...] In after years when the latter ceased to represent the ideas and ambitions of its early founders the possession of the funds of the Bombay Branch became the subject of a bitter controversy which arose out of the character of agency stamped upon it on its foundation.



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