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Manual of Rules for the Management of Hospitals and Dispensaries under the Supervision of the Government of Bengal Corrected up to March 1926




In the case of a hospital or dispensary situated at the headquarters of a subdivision the Government medical officer in charge of the subdivision will usually be in charge of the hospital or dispensary in addition to his other duties and will receive from the Manager of the dispesary an additional allowance of Rs. [...] The District Magistrate the Civil Surgeon and the Sadar Subdivisional Officer shall be ex-officio members of the Comittee of the headquarters Hospital or Dispesary and the Subdivisional Magistrate and the Subdivisional Medical Officer shall be ex-officio - members of the Committee of the subdivisiona1 headquarters hospital or dispensary. [...] After defraying the current expenses of the institution the balance at the end of the month if any of the donations subscriptions and interest realized by the Committee shall be deposited by them in the Post Office Savings Bank. [...] The managing body shall be bound to _consider any communication from the Superitendent to afford him full information as to the conduct of the medical officer in charge and all other matters affecting the welfare of the sick and the management of the institution. [...] If the officers of the Committee are unable to agree as to the site proposed the case should be referred for the decision of the Commissioner a note of any objections made being attached to the proceedings of the Committee.


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