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Proceedings of the Twenty-Third Anniversary Meeting of the Calcutta Literary Society




of the intellgence of his demise the office of the Society was closed then for three days in honor of the memory of the late illustrious dceased and a letter of condolence was sent to His Highness' beloved brother Rajah Rameswar Singh Bahadur of Rajnagar Durbhangah on the 18th December 1898 to which the following reply by Telegram was received on the 19th [dem from the present Hon' [...] Letters of Condolence were also sent to the Heirs of the late Nawab Sahib of Cleated on the 7th November 1898 ; to the late Maharajah Sahib of Dicer K. C. e.i.z.; and to the late Rajah Sahib of Faridkot who were Members of this Society for a series of years! On the 9th December 189e a letter of Condolence was lent to His Highness the Gaekwar Sahib of Baroda o.c. [...] The Society whilst regretting that it wild not induce Gentlemen to come forward and deliver letures on important literary and social problems as in previous years on adcount of the Plague and the Calcutta Municipal Bill which entirely engaged the public mind congratulates itself on the cessation of the Plague and the with-drawal by the Government of Bengal of the Plaque Notification. [...] The proceedings of the afternoon commenced with the reading of the minutes of the last Meeting by Balm Sham Lall Day the Founder and Secretary t. the Society which were duly confirmed. [...] The water we drink the air we breathe the heat of the Sun which enables trees to grow the fruits and flowers to fructify and the rain that fosters their growth all demostrate the infinite powers and Existence of the Great God.


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