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England and India. Being a Brief Account of the Growth of British Power in India and of the Progress of the Country under British Rule




The departure of the Romans was the signal for invasion and during the fifth century the Jutes from Jutland the Aiikgles from Sleswick and the Saxons from Holstein settled in the south and east of the island which then cake to be known as' Angle-land. [...] At last about the middle of' the ninth century they landed with the object of conquering the country and they seized the eastern part of the island. [...] A curious relic of those days is preserved in the name for the seat of the Lord Chancellor of England who presides over the debates in the House of Lords. [...] Just as the greed of the Dutch and their envy of Dutch profits spurred on the English merchants to form an East India Company so the sight of the Spanish galleons la den with the silver of Mexico and the diamonds of Brazil whetted the appetite of Drake and Raleigh and the great sailors of Elizabeth's reign. [...] They were the natural product of the fredom-loving character of their race and in chasing and burning the ships of Spain and in maintaining the freedom of the seas they were striking blows for the good of all mankind.xl SECTION V. POSSESSIONS AND COLONIES.



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