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The Life of Grish Chunder Ghosh




His power of word-painting of clothing the commonest ideas in gorgeous and geittering costum radiant with flashes of wit and humour and occasionally of originalit was equally conspicuous in the pages of the Calcutta Monthly Revi∎ and the Bengake of which he was the founder and Editor. [...] THE subject of this brief memoir was born in the metropolis of British India on Saturday the 15th Assar of the Bengalee year 1236 corresponding to the 27th June of the year of grace 1829 memorable as the year in which the Sati rite was abolished by Lord Willi= Ben tinck and the Brahtno Samaj was established by Raja Rair. [...] The phenomenal success of the institution was due not only to the fact that it supplied a pressing want by bringinewithin the reach of men of moderate means the opportunity of giving their sons the benefit of a sound English education unalloyed by Missionary ifluences but also to the fact that its enterprising and self-taught founder though a man of no great attainments himself had the rare [...] We cannot do better than narrate the school-life of Grish Chunder in the words of his school-fellow the late Babu Koylas Chunder Bose the writer of the article in the Bengalee of the 25th September 1869 from which we have already given an extract. [...] Pascal—who was no relation we suspect of the famous author of the Provincial Letters—of the intellectual gifts of a boy who afterwards became one of the most intellectual of journalists and whose journal formed the chief medium through which the luminous philosophy of Auguste Comte "the Aristotle of the Nineteenth Century " was 'popularized in this country.



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