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Self-Government in Rural Bengal




q. Under the Chankidari Act the liability for the payment of the village police was transferred from the zamindars (whose connection with the chankidars was absolutely dissolved) to the village community and panchayats were established in every village or union of tillages and made responsible for the assessment of the villagers and the collection of the rate. [...] x. The provisions of sub-section (x) prevent an interegnum in the adnEnistration and secure the payment of the salaries of chaukidars and other dues from the date when a local area is notified as a union uncles section 5. The panchayat and the union committee (if there is one) remain in power until the first president of the union board is elected. [...] If the union board also supersedes a union committee a similar account together with all the papers pass-book and cash balance of the union committee should be made over by the chairman of the union committee to the president of the union board. [...] The date on which the union board is constituted and the names of the members are published in the Calcutta Gazette over the signature of the district magistrate. [...] For instance a contract made for a work not within° the acope of the powers of the union board is invalid and the union board cannot be held liable to pay for such work even though the contract was duly executed by the president with the sanction of the union board.


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