Municipal Labour in Calcutta. 1947
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Municipal Labour in Calcutta. 1947




32 AN ENQUIRY INTO THE CONDITION of LABOUR IN CALCUTTA MUNICIPALITY PART I. Summary and Discussion 1. The detailed report which follows in the next part has been drawn up by Gnutamsankar Ray on the basis of data collected bn the economic condition of the Labour staff of the Calcutta Corporation. [...] PART D. The Report CHAPTER I. Origin of the Enquiry The occurrence of frequent strikes among the Corporation Labourers have made the public realise that the Authlrities of the Calcutta Corporation have not been able to satisfy the basic demands of the labourers. [...] is not also uncommon in the history of the numerous strikes that took place to find that the authorities did not hesitate to supress the *Akers by calling in the police without trying to iederstand* the basic want of the labourers. [...] Following is the summary of the ad-interim report with the recommendations : 1. Living conditions and accommodations : the number of practically all the persons living in Corporation Gowkhanas and Barracks are 2000 The conditions in which the employees are accommodated in most of these places is indeed very deplorable. [...] (1) Food : Under the general heading food comes (a) the expenditure on all the different articles of food and (b) the consumption of some of the important articles of food.

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