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Government of Bengal. Tenth Quinquennial Review on the Progress of Education in Bengal for the years 1937-38 to 1941-42




Ministers.—Since the inauguration of provincial autonomy at the beginning of the period the public control of education has been in the hands of Ministers who are responsible to the Legislature and for the greater part in the charge Of the Minister for Education. [...] The former consists first of the principals of Government colleges who are directly controlled from headquarters and the professors and lecturers under them ; secondly of the headmasters and headmistresses of Government schools who are immediately under the Divisional Inspector or Inspectress and the teachers in the schools. [...] The Chittagong Hill Tracts which was formerly an excluded area" was put under a Board of Education the duties of the Inspector of Schools were transferred to the Deputy Commissioner of the Hill Tracts and a European officer was appointed in the General Service as Superintendent of Education and Heamaster of the Rangamati High School. [...] Among the posts are those of the Principal and two professors of the Bengal Engineering College the Principal and one professor of the Lady Brabourne College the Physical Director and the Physical Directress the Headmasters of the Victoria School Kurseong and the Rangamati School the Inspector of European Schools and two Professors of English of Presidency College. [...] The District Magistrate has the right of being Consulted in the distribution of grants to secondary schools and of approving the constitution of the managing comittees of aided schools.



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