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Government of Bengal. Ninth Quinquennial Review on the Progress of Education in Bengal for the years 1932-37




Ministers and Members.—In accordance with the provisions of the Government of India Act of 1919 the education of Indians generally became a Transferred subject " in charge of a Minister appointed by the Governor from amongst the elected members of the Provincial Legislature while the education of Anglo-Indians and Europeans was a "Reserved subject " placed in charge of a Member of the Governor' [...] In the early years of its existence when an attempt was made to raise the standard it was found that educational institutions in the town of Dacca were being rapidly.. emptied and the pupils were moving away to schools in the neighbourhood outside the five-mile area of the Board and thus under the control of the University of Calcutta. [...] The inspection of the schools under the Board is done by the Government Inspecting staff as in the case of the schools under the University of Calcutta. [...] The Government of India which controlled the University of Calcutta prior to the iauguration of the Montague-Chelmsford Reforms drafted a Bill on the basis of the recommendations of the Calcutta University Commission; but the Secretary of State for India did not accord the necessary sanction and the Bill had to be dropped. [...] The majority of the Committee demanded that the Board should be under the control of the Senate the minority favoured the establisment of an autonomous Board whose functions and regulations were to be subject to the approval of Government.



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