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On the Sand-Dune


The epic 21ON THE SAND-DUNE and the lyric the tragic and the comic the sweets and the bitters all flow together in silence. [...] Why ? The Nemesis of your own strength ! 37XVI (1) WHAT is wrong with the world ? The din and the roar the rattling throng and the sweating crowd the few rich and the many poor and the bank account which makes barren metal breed—for the unearned incrment of pleasure sloth and waste of the few. [...] 48XX (1) THE problem of the world is the 'problem of the poor and the hungry. [...] Command the simplicity of Christ the compassion of Buddha the strenuousness of Mahomed and the comprehensive intellect of Sankarand speed on thy career to the Supeman in the race of evolution. [...] (2) Nourish thy soul upon the broadest gifts of nature the open air and the blue sky the green meadow and the smiling fields the silent stars and the silver moon mountain glades and water-falls and everything in nature 51ON THE SAND-DUNE that pleases the eye and charms the heart.
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On the Sand-Dune
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