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Life and Letters of Raja Rammohun Roy




She alio wrote to the Daily Telegraph the Inquirer the Unitarian herald and other papers to remove the false impression so created."Xii A BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH To *vindicate the position of Keshub Chandra Sen more fully and to give the English public a correct idea of the Bralam) Samaj Miss Collet contributed an article to the Contenzpdrary Review of Feb. [...] The Indian Mirror the organ of the Brahmo Samaj Mission also contradicts the report that the girl was in* any way connected with the Bfahmo Samaj and doubts family relationship to its leader and to the insinuation made by the missionaries that the B. Samaj. [...] The next vortune was prepared on the same flan with the addition of an account of the Bralmi littralure and of the new developments in the Samaj. [...] There are the early days of exuberent vitality creative vigour many-sided progress stretching far into the dim past—the India of the Rishis of title Upanishads of the Buddhist gospel of rove and service the India of the epics and the schools of philosophy. [...] The four years of exile were spent in the study of the religious systems of the past under the reputed guardians of the ancient lore and a personal surciey of the condition of the country.



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