A History of Hindu Civilisation during British Rule
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A History of Hindu Civilisation during British Rule




But Buddhism and Christianity as adopted by the mass of the people are systems of superstition as different from the Buddhism of Gautama and the Christianity of Christ as the Hinduism of the Puranas and Tantras is different from that of the Upanishads. [...] in comparison with which in the words of Schlegel even the loftiest philosophy of the Europeans" appears "like a feeble Promethean spark in the full flood of heavenly glory of the noonday sun faltering and feeble and ever ready to be extinguished " had for its Objeft the discovery of the path of salvation. [...] sympathy between them and the teeming millions who composed the lower castes The in i.ss of the people considered the maintenance of the Government the busness of the Rajputs with which they had no concern. [...] On a survey of the principal religions of the world we find that the influence of religion upon civilisatiqn is salutary in proportion to its liberality with regard to the social the intelleEtual and the religious life of its The protectiv e followers. [...] The Kshatriyas bravely resisted the invasions of the Mahomedans but without the co-operation of the other classes of the Hindu community they could not long resist successfully ; and caste rendered such c6)-- operation an impossibility.* The artisans and traders * Auguste Comte who has forcibly pointed out some of the good points of caste observes : Notwithstanding all these qualities the the

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