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Report on the Maritime Trade and Customs Administration of the Province of Sind for 1924-25 by Collector of Customs Karachi




1. Introductory.—The last annual review recorded a distinct improvement in the trade of the port since the depression which set in at the end of 1920 The figures of trade embodied in Table A of the Appendix show that the improvement has been further accentuated during the year under report and afford much cause firm' satisfaction to all interested in the development of this progressive port. [...] With the final liquidation towards the end of the previous year of the heavy stocks of imports accumulated in the post-war boom and the absorption of large quantities of Government Surplus Stores a healthier tone pervaded the Market %rid facilitated the resumption of nollpial trading relations. [...] The marked increase in the aggregate value of the foreign trade is due chiefly to an expansion in the volume of imports and exports which as will be seen from the detailed analysis of the trade appearing in the following pages is steadily approaching the pre-war level. [...] The results of the favourable climatic conditions are to be seen in the figures of exports of Indian produce and manufactures embodied in the table at the head of this paragraph. [...] The effect of the change -in the level of prices since the outbreak of the war is illustrated in the following table in which the L (iv) 331 --2"I0 volume of the trade in 1924-25 in some of the more important articles of import and export is compared with the pre-war volume and its value recalculated at pre-war rates:— Table No.


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