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Government of Bengal. Board of Economic Enquiry Bengal. Report of the Bengal Warehouse Enquiry Committee




SIR Pursuant to the decision of the Warehouse Enquiry Committee dated the 19th November 1940 I have during the last few months visited a number of places to ascertain inter alia — (1) What are the existing facilities of storage of agricultural prduce in different parts of the province for growers traders and others. [...] (5) What are the views of the growers and traders in general and of the smaller inuffasil hanks and money-lenders on the matter of esta'ishing warehouses for agricultural produce and whether they prefer state Private or Co-operative Warehouses and why. [...] The Registrar of Co-operative Societies kindly arranged facilities for my study of the working of the godowns of the Co-operative Multipurpose Societies at Manmathapur Hili and at Godagari. [...] The most common rate of such letting is two annas per maund of jute for a period of 6 months during season time inclusive of the insurance of the building not of the stock). [...] Not only has he to repay the whole of the advance from the price of the produce together with interest often at usurious rates but he has to accept whatever price the creditor gives him in addition to being subjected to loss in classification of produce weight and in a number of other ways.


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