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Department of Mines and Explosives Mysore State. Report of the Chief Inspector of Mines in Mysore for the Year 1918-19 with Statistics for the Calendar Year 1918




4. An annual inspection of the accounts of the mining companies on the Kolar Gold Fields on behalf of the Government as lessers under clause 17 of the agreement was ordered to be held for the first time with the concurrence of the Directors of the Companies. [...] A regrettable feature of the year's work in this mine is the continued poorness of the developments and the lack of success attending operations generally no discoveries of any importance having been made the result being a very serious drop in the output a dimintion in the reserves and the lowest dividend declared since 1894. [...] In the bottom levels of Oakley's Section there has been a great improvement in the size and grade of the reef during the last few months resulting in the addition of a pay shoot of considerable value to the reserves. [...] The general ventilation of the mine continues to engage the attention of the staff and means are being adopted to increase the quantity and velocity of the upcast air owing to. [...] Tay19r's Kennedy's and Oriental Shafts the first named being near the southern boundary and the two latter in the northern part of the mine having all reached the re quisite depth below the horizon of the 4 000 ft.


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